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If you want to kill players in Nether World, you'll need to join a clan
(or go to loner). Nether World is home of several clans. They are
described here, and each has their own page they can edit.


The Imperium's goal is to control as much of the world as possible, as
soon as possible. No action against another player by an Imperium
member is ever random -- it always serves some purpose. The clan will
kill other clans' members for money, but never for sport. They are very protective of their members and they will go out of their way to extract
vengeance on players who have wronged a clan member. Though
they feel that every action has a price, you will often find them helping
younger players, in hopes that someday they will join the clan. The
Imperium in general is a trustable group, as long as you are paying
them top dollar.


The Nosfer are creatures of the night. They feed on the blood of the
living and prey on mortals. As such, they are feared and hunted by
those of the mortal realms. As all of the kindred were once human,
their desires and motivations are as varied as their mortal
backgrounds, but they are bound together by their need for the blood
. And as they are hunted and feared, they find solace only in the arms
of other kindred. They are a tight-knit order of brothers and sisters.


Members of the protector clan are dedicated to keeping order
throughout the realm. They uphold the laws set forth to protect society
and are willing to help others to advance civilization. The protectors will
answer questions asked of them, lend a helping hand for revenge on
an evil act, help in corpse retrieval, help in getting equip, etc. They
won't put other's needs above their own all the time, but believe that
adhering to rules and acting justly are key to the world in which they
live. They generally try to avoid player killing and stealing, but if the
situation warrants it, they will fight with honor. They despise random or
evil acts of violence, and will try to stop such acts to the best of their
abilities. They are trustable and friendly to those who extend them the
same courtesy.


The Clan of Scales is, as its name indicates, dedicated to maintaining
the balance between good and evil, law and chaos, in NetherWorld. As
such, it is entirely different from any other clan in the realm. This is so
because the gods of the world are members as well. As a matter of
fact, they make up the majority of the members of the clan; very few
mortals are invited to join the ranks of the Brotherhood of the Scales.
The few who are in the clan enjoy all the typical benefits of clan
membership, as well as all its drawbacks. The one controlling
requirement of members of the Clan of Scales is that every one of their
actions must be calculated to maintain the balance in these lands.


The Shaolin Clan has been shrouded in mystery since the Creation
and is feared by all. Ancient and powerful, the monks of Shaolin have
dedicated their lives to understanding the inner power of the body and
mind. Through rigorous physical training and mastering the powers of
the mind, the Shaolin monks have excelled in fighting and magic skills
beyond mere mortals. Combining their incredible fighting skills with the
embodied spirits of Nature's most fearsome creatures, the Shaolin
monks have perfected incredible fighting styles known only to them.
Their power in hand-to-hand fighting and their extraordinary ability to
channel the forces of the mind make them a power to be feared by all.
What mysteries lie behind the veil of secrecy of the power wrought
Shaolin Clan? None but the Shaolin truly know. A wise monk once said,
"Seek the 36 Chambers of Shaolin, for only there will your questions
be answered."