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Want to be famous?

Send us a picture/description of yourself (real
or not). Anything that isn't copyrighted will be ok!

Aatakinty and hot chicks. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Aatakinty can be seen here with two fine female specimen. He is a living example of the benefits of the Imper Wealth. He truely is a livng legend.
Achilles and hot chicks. Achilles
says "Women Want Me And Men
Want To Be Like Me, That Is
How It Started And That Is How
Its Going To END!!"

<- Amik says "Any NW ladies want to date me? Just call me 415-234-8582.  They don't call me asian for nothing!"
Arenal is crazy ninja reppin' CHI PHI.  Kick yo butt! (Is also Amik).

Boagrius and his pride and joy, Savannah Louise.
Bom looking sexy. FYI, you can't see it but
he's really taking a dump.
Grok after grok'in the ganja.
Ethan as played on tv by Ethan.
EvylCyn aka. LordPerth, just before he goes to
work - hence the red chef pants. And for those of
you who are trying to figure out what the t-shirt
says- "You call me a freak like it's a bad thing" ;-)
Jerbear at a casino in Niagra Falls, thinking
about the future.
Kirby just pwned all of your images.
Lucky aka Rico aka Acon aka
Murdoc aka Norwood aka
Sanchez aka Terry aka
Kirosen is a schizophreniac.

Nester alive in the flesh. But more
importantly, his hot wife is also
shown. It should be pointed out
that he has an awesome hot wife,
and you probably do not.

Ogion says "Ogion gets more p***y
than Aatakinty. That's because he's
better looking and doesn't pay
women to take pictures with him.
Aatakinty sucks,Ogion is the f**king
man. "

Silvara is actually a girl. Some of you may have
never seen one, but it's true that they actually
exist. Yes, you should load her equipment and
offer to level her, because those things are
really what women want.
Stryken aka Danatello. Yes, both
pictures have been believed to be
taken of Stryken. The second
picture is just him with his helmet off.